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B&B Tellaro di Lerici La Spezia

Our Tracks

The strategic location of the b&b allows, leaving directly from the garden, which faces southerly the sea and northerly Monte Marcello National Park, to start walking along several tracks considered among the most beautiful of all Liguria. These ancient paths ,all marked by Club Alpino Italiano, develop just behind the b&b along terraces planted with olive trees, supported by a network of dry stone walls. You will find also full of wild vegetation: along the coast grow the samphire and the caper, among the rocks is easy to see the tree euphorbia. Throughout the area are common shrubs such as rosemary, thyme, everlasting and lavandula and you can also admire arbutus, mastic, spiny broom, myrtle, oak, juniper and red phillyrea, asparagus, sarsaparilla, etruscan and marine honeysuckle. In half an hour you will reach the ancient Roman ruins of Barbazzano.Once you have reached Barbazzano you have plenty of choices :you can walk in all directions (north,south,east,west) towards Lerici, San Terenzo, over to the valley of Magra river; you can choose times and distances according to your preferences.

We enclose a map of the nearest tracks; we will be glad to help you for any suggestion given our experience.

Sentieri tellaro lerici

Tellaro Lerici (La Spezia)